About Blue Flamingo Pools

Create Your Backyard Oasis

At Blue Flamingo Pools, we are not just building pools. We are crafting your personal escape right in your backyard.

Your vision, ideas, and aspirations are the blueprint from which we start, whether it is a tranquil spot for morning swims, a vibrant playground for your kids, or a communal space for family gatherings.

We understand that your pool is not just about swimming. It is about enhancing your lifestyle and making your home the ultimate destination for relaxation and entertainment.

Our Expert Team

Jim Manning, Owner and General Manager

It began in 1976 in Nashville when the leading pool contractor in the mid-south hired Jim Manning to sell pools.

While in Nashville he designed several celebrity and high profile pools, but he wasn’t satisfied with sales as his only career path.

Eventually he relocated to Tampa.

Within a few years he became a licensed contractor, was an international pool design awards judge and president of his statewide trade association.

By the early ’90s Jim had developed a systematic pool design technique. He has taught pool design and construction to hundreds of pool designers and pool builders all over the country.

Following an underwhelming semi-retirement, Jim founded Blue Flamingo Pools (BFP). Now in its ninth year, BFP has a long list of delighted pool owners.

In 2003, Jim was inducted into the Florida Swimming Pool Association Hall of Fame. He is an alumni of Western Kentucky University and is a Vietnam veteran.

Charlie Black, Production Manager

Charlie is a Washington, DC, native. He has worked as a U.S. Capitol Building congressional intern. After college he was recruited for and participated in the Ferguson Enterprises leadership management training program.

Now production manager at Blue Flamingo Pools, he is responsible for all things related to construction, supplier and subcontractor relations, scheduling and customer service.

His experience and understanding of the many aspects of pool construction contributes to Blue Flamingo Pools reputation for construction excellence.

He is a graduate of Auburn University with a B.S. in business administration.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Charlie has recently taken up scuba diving.

Bob Horvath, Sales and Design Executive

Originally from Joliet, Illinois, Bob has worked in the home construction and the commercial security industries for over three decades.

He has officiated college and high school basketball for over 30 years. Bob has been fortunate to referee NCAA Division 2 playoffs and High School State Finals.

After another brutally miserable winter, the lure of the sun and year round warmer weather chased him to Florida.

When asked by friends in the Midwest what he is going to do, he jokingly replied, “Probably going to sell pools or boats.” And thus, landing at Blue Flamingo Pools secures the prophecy.

Bob brings considerable knowledge of management, sales, marketing and project management to Blue Flamingo Pools.



Family and


Why Blue Flamingo Pools?

We are here to craft your dream pool so you can dive into endless memories

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Our Goal

Blue Flamingo Pools will transform your backyard into an outdoor room.

It will be an extension of your indoor living, lounging and comfort space.

Your outdoor room will become your sanctuary as well as the central space for fun, exercise, entertainment and relaxation for you, your family and friends.

Most importantly, in your Blue Flamingo Pool, kids will have fun and grownups will enjoy resort style living.

Blue Flamingo Pools’ Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is anchored in the belief that every pool should be as unique as its owner.

Your pool design starts on a blank canvas. Our initial concept for your backyard is based on what you tell us about why you want a pool, where it will be situated and who will use it.

All things beautiful influence our designs. We look to the work of architects, fine artists and industrial designers for inspiration.

Blue Flamingo Pools styling is original but guided by established design principles. Our designs are elegant with a minimalist perspective. They are innovative yet timeless.

Frequently we offer design solutions where our competitors have said: “a pool can’t be built here.”

We are as comfortable building a mountain lake design as we are building a rectangular pool. Our pools merge style and functionality.

Most pool styles can be beautiful if they are well designed and constructed with premium materials.

Once the base design is established, we will collaborate with you to specify the “just right” deck color and texture, tile, and pool finish as well as immersed lighting, automation and efficient filtration.

Let Us Build Your Dream Pool

Ready to dive into your pool project? Your backyard transformation is just a consultation away. Contact us today to begin designing your dream pool.